Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Man Tai, Open University

You must be familiar with the Man Tai and Beaufort coffeeshop-restaurants we have in KK by now. These are great inexpensive places for a quick stir-fry dishes. A reader directed me to the New Man Tai at Open University shoplots (on Lintas Rd to the KKIA) and it has since become a favorite place for us on weekends. I like it because it is clean (meaning no litter on the floor) and not crammed with tables or people. The food is good and not as highly-msged and salted as other Man Tais, but watch out for the cha sao fried omelette, which sits in oil.

Sweet & sour pork

Stir-fried greens with pork, a Beaufort-style restaurant standard dish that has shrunk by half in all these restaurants. The costs of the veg and pork is about RM2 but this dish sells for RM8.

Seafood tofu clay pot, a dish that makes a dramatic entrance sizzling and hissing to the table.

Cha sao omelette, very oily. Wey does a much better version, check his omelette out.

Bittergourd and beef slices with black beans. The bittergourd was overcooked.

Corn soup--not exceptional.

The dishes were about RM8/us$2.00 each except for the clay pot which was RM20/us$6, and the total bill came to RM67/us$18 for 5 of us. See you there some day:)

p.s I have cooked & posted 3 out of the 6 items above--click on the highlighted words.


Yen Yen said...

Hi Terri,

The corn soup looks delicious. I have always failed to make a nice corn soup. Do you have any secret recipe to this? :)

Yen Yen

Precious Pea said...

U are right! Wey's omelet looks way yummier than this. And that corn soup...reminds me of Ozzieland.

triShie said... the bokeh on ur yummy lookin' food!! didja get urself a nikon dslr?

ganache-ganache said...

U know if they use lard to cook ? Oh, why is there lone bean in the seafood claypot, think it didn't go well with the dish, or maybe I'm 'anti-beans' ?

terri@adailyobsession said...

yen: no secret recipe but just put 1 can chicken stock + 1 can water to boil,add 1 can cream corn, some grounded chicken or pork, white pepper, boil and then thicken if necessary with a bit of cornflour solution. switch off, trickle in, stirring at the same time, a small beaten egg. season with salt if like.

try n tell me:)

pp: lol

trishie: na, it's yi's nikon d90 with a 50 mm lens. love it too:)

ganache: yes, there's def lard but not as heavy as beaufort's. n def msg. the long bean is a cheap sub for sweet peas :(

i bought a 1 kg bag of bread flour frm this store in damai (starts with a 'c') n i was p----- to find tt there was only 850 g! same with the other ingredients shop. just think how much more we really r paying n the shops r making by short-weighing. where are the consumers' guard dogs? btw, just had ur choc cake at elaine's--very yum.

tracieMoo said...

The cornsoup somehow makes me think of shark fin soup.. And the claypot taufu.. is really making me hungry..

ganache-ganache said...

Oh thanks !
Yes, shops here are terrible, talk abt ingredients, many shops mix coarse sugar with fine sugar to sell as caster ! There was once I bought s'berry & the weight is less than stated, I went back to the shop ! For me anything that I paid but not up to the standard, I'll bring it back, that's for sure, probably used to the fair trade in my 'kampung' !!

Anonymous said...
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LilyAnette said...

Seriously.. they have a place called "Open University" there? I find it funny!

Plain Jane said...

Hey Terri, great photography - fantastic shots of the food. I can NEVER get my food shots to look any good.

Lily Annette, you got no 'open university' in the states kah? in australia got tau...:-)

Anonymous said...
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red | hongyi said...
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terri@adailyobsession said...

traciemoo: :)

ganache: i will go back to 'c' n check if other bags of flour r also short, n i will tell the owner bc i know him. it is terrible.

liliann: i find it funny too, the first time i saw the uni in the papers. it sounds like a uni for ppl who can't make it to regular unis. ooops.

plainjane: thnx, but my photos r only good bc my girl is using her nikon d90 with 50 mm lens which can take macro pics.

as for 'open uni', it does sound corny :DD i'd never want to graduate from an 'open uni', sorry open uni folks.what next, 'open book uni'?

Yen Yen said...

Hi Terri,

I had just tried to cook the corn soup and its turns out good as commented by my super-fussy fiancee. Besides that, I also cook marmite pork using ur recipe but I used Bovril coz I still have a lot of it and again he said yummy..well that really makes my day..

Thank you Terri!

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