Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yihu Restaurant, Shanghai, Part 2

These were the 11 delicious hot dishes we ate at Yihu, after the 10 cold ones:

Steamed fish fillets--very tender and delicate fish but sauce was bland.

Crystal prawns, loved for their tenderness and el dente bite.

The photo says it all. Delicious beyond words.

Baby eels in a rich soy sauce.

Fish maw hot pot, very yum.

Squid in a bean sauce.

Sprouts with 3 kinds of eggs (fresh egg, salted egg and century egg) in superior stock.

Crunchy dish of stir-fried chicken giblets, bamboo shoots and peppers.

Soft and silky fried tofu balls with assorted veg.

Steamed razor clams in a hot chili sauce.

Beancurd strips and Chinese ham, a Shanghainese favorite.

Four types of desserts:

Mini egg tarts. I didn't eat these because I can tell by the color that the custard's not worth eating.

Deep fried flaky radish puffs.

Jiu niang (newly fermented rice) with tang yuen (glutinous balls) and peaches soup.

An excellent dish of baked flaky soft buns with a meat and spring onions filling. One of those things to crave for if you're on death row.

That was a meal of 25 dishes!


Ivy Ong said...

Terri, aren't you blessed eating all these food yet not putting on weight? Always enjoyed these pics you posted. Very inspiring.

fishm0i said...

Mmm... Very salivating and yummy looking. If I can eat these, the aftermath will be a few extra KGs and a wok size belly @_@"

terri@adailyobsession said...

ivy: i am paying the price with thick arms n heavy bottom. u thnk i'm slim bc i'm bottom heavy n i hav a small face but i've packed on so much this year. i think food blogging is bad...

aggie: a wok-size belly? tt's original:D i have one.

Quay Po Cooks said...

Seeing all those gorgeous food photos of yours makes me hungry:D

Anonymous said...

This feast is making my real hungry! You changed my thought on food in China :)

p/s. I've just saw your respond and changed my comments settings. Let me know if you still have problems on the comments. Thanks!

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