Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Dinner 2010

I haven't abandoned my blog. Yet. The modem died and the internet connection has been fickle and frustratingly slow. How was your Christmas?

In this part of the world, Christmas dinner is usually eaten on the eve but this year, because I had just got in from Melbourne and was in a lazy mood, I decided to take it easy and had the dinner on Christmas. Since Vero was off for the day, I kept the dinner party small, with parents and siblings from both sides. Lily and Leila (who flew in from Chengdu, China for 3 days only to celebrate Christmas at our home, something she had done since 2005, she pointed out) were the only non-family guests.

I kept the food simple, even the dessert, so I was totally relaxed, and even managed to nap away my jet lag while the turkey was cooking. After dinner, we sang carols, looked at my daughter's graduation photos (yeah) and played 'guitar hero'. The air was cool (it's been rainy every evening; love it) and fresh. There's something about Christmas, isn't there, that makes the atmosphere nostalgic and cosy.

Cream cheese (dressed with lemon juice and rind) on crackers, topped with smoked salmon roses, dill and capers for a simple appetizer.

The bird this year wasn't as pretty as this or this but it was just as good, at 6.5 kg.

Not exactly a leg ham, but it was light enough for me to carry back.

Potato salad, rather than roasted potatoes, was more refreshing in the tropics.

Pecan ginger shortbread cookies.

Good old bread and butter pudding, with lots of rum-soaked raisins, custardy, jiggly bread under and crusty, crispy bread on top. Eaten warm with vanilla ice cream and cream, this humble dessert never fails to surprise and please even the most fussy tastebuds.


June said...

yums.... *drooling*

Brittany, USA said...

I've been following your wonderful blog for two years now, I'm glad you haven't abandoned it. Your honesty and good humor, combined with fantastic food, are what make this such a great read for even a teenager like myself.

jinkar said...

A simple dinner? Wow! Imagine if you had the energy to make an elaborate one! I have personally decided never to make Christmas ham again as this year only a couple of slices were eaten and I've now got stacks in the freezer. The satay practically all went. Must be we are deprived of Asian food in UK.

Fooman said...

That's a simple dinner? Lol :) Have a great new year.

terri@adailyobsession said...

june: :))

brit: wow, i am going to continue bc of you:)

jinkar: i totally agree about ham. it was boring to eat! much better when we made sandwiches with it.

fooman: you too!

tina said...

Your turkey looks good! and does everything else. This year we had roast beef for a change! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Heather said...

gulp. looks so so so so good.

you know, i just realised i haven't had dinner at your place since foreverrrrr!!! don't care, i'm inviting myself over when i get back to kk!

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