Monday, January 10, 2011

Squires Loft, Melbourne

Docklands was a port area and now the waterfront serves as a pretty backdrop for trendy restaurants.

Docklands in the south of Melbourne has been revived into a residential and commercial area with many trendy restaurants along the waterfront. Squires Loft, a steak restaurant, is one of them. I had expected Squires Loft to be a chain restaurant like TGIF and didn't expect much of the steak dinner, hosted by J's parents, who were also in town to attend their son's graduation ceremony. J and my daughter were in the same course the last 5 years and it was very nice of them to include us, together with their relatives, in their son's celebration dinner.

I had the 300g scotch fillet  medium rare and it came rare instead. I didn't want to return it since nobody did theirs...kiasu. While the flavor of the steak was very good, the steak had quite a few streaks of gristle. I think the steaks were about AUD33 to AUD45, more if the steak is Angus beef.

Yi's medium rare rib eye was done just nice.

J's mom had the wagyu burger which looked so good I wished I had ordered the same thing.

J's dad had the grilled prawns kebab.

A very rich and delicious hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream.

Yi and I shared a sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce. This was so good, it stands out as one of the best desserts I had on the trip. It was served warm, wasn't too sweet, the flavor was superb and the texture was perfect: fine, soft and moist. I wish I had the recipe.

Other than my steak being too rare and there was a bit too much gristle (or whatever they are called), we enjoyed the dinner and the company. Thanks, J, for the dinner and best wishes to you!

Squires Loft, 818 Bourke St, Docklands, Melbourne is open for lunch and dinner Mondays to Saturdays.


TeaLady said...

Nothing better than a good rare steak with some great fries.

Looks like you are having quite a trip.

terri@adailyobsession said...

tealady: n some red wine:)

Milosh said...

It's probably a cultural thing, but I can't eat rare meat. I'm quite adventurous with food, I ate all kinds of offal, sashimi, snails, even century egg. But even slightly raw meat won't do. I guess I would have to order my stake extra extra well done, and they would probably trow me out of the restaurant.
Great pics, Terri.

terri@adailyobsession said...

milosh: i know what you mean. i don't like my steaks well done but i don't like them rare too. i think there's sensibility in not eating rare meat n i'm sure it's a cultural thing bc chinese NEVER eat raw meat, and even most veg are cooked briefly. my mom never touches anything raw. i think it has to do with hygiene n the danger of consuming raw meat in ancient times tt can lead to food poisoning n death. of cos we now have refrigeration but still, there's parasites n other contaminants. tt's why there's mad cow disease in humans, so the older chinese n other races who don't eat raw meat are wise.

btw, i love raw fish but feel uneasy eating it here bc the sashimi is not graded unlike in japan where they grade it to separate those with parasites for cooking n those for eating raw. i think most ppl here think tt we can eat any fish raw as long as we eat wasabi with it. wrong.

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