Monday, March 5, 2012

KK Food Festival


The KK Food Festival (KKFF) is on, 3rd to 18th March 2012! This event, organized by Lifeandstyle and supported by the Ministry Of Tourism, Culture and Environment Sabah, was only held for the first time last year.

KKFF is an exciting yearly event where people can discover the cuisine of KK, meet other foodlovers,  educate themselves on the latest culinary trends and food offerings and just eat themselves into a culinary frenzy for two weeks. It is also a great chance for people in the food industry to promote their restaurants and/or products, and provides the perfect ground for networking for people in the food and services industries.

The 30 participating restaurants, hotels, bistros and cafes participating in this year's event have each come up with a special offer. For the next two weeks, hang up your aprons and go restaurant-hopping in town. You can win fabulous prizes when you join the Stamp and Win Contest by dining at the participating restaurants and Fringe events. Fringe events are cooking classes, wine tasting nights, food tasting sessions and more. Come on, support KKFF and encourage the food business in KK. Who knows, with succeeding events, the KKFF can encourage and stimulate the food business in this town-city to higher standards and make KK a top food destination.

Photos taken at the opening of the KKFF on 3/3/12:

Wonders of molecular gastronomy: edible 'soil'.

Foams and 'caviar' spheres.



One of only three places I know of for assam laksa in KK.


A welcome sign to pork lovers.

Duck eggs noodles.

Participants Of the KKFF 2012:

Bar Tzar Bistro and Bar
Jarrod & Rawlins
La Fuente
Lava Resto Bar

Boutique Cupcakes
Huge Cafe
J's Kitchen & Cafe
La Fetta
QQ Cafe
Tenom Station
The Teahouse
Yu Cafe

Naan-Flavors of India
Nagisa Japanese Restaurant
Silk Garden
Soul Out
The Chinese Restaurant

Beijing BBQ Steamboat
Bintulu Korean Restaurant
English Tea House and Restaurant
Fish & Co
Hong Kong Recipe
Party Play Lifestyle Cafe
Secret Garden BBQ Koran Restaurant
Seven Sea Restaurant
Sushi Tei
The Chubs Grill

See you there!


Michelle Chin said...

Sounds exciting. Hehe

Jessica Lo said...

I had so much fun that day !!! =D Thanks to KK Food Fest 2012


Hi Terri, I've missed coming to "visit you" but I've been so caught up with other things...
After reading this post, my gastric juices are stirring, I am salivating and ooh...I so feel like hot noodles soup now. HAh hah

Nate @ House of Annie said...

Ack! Makes me want to go back to KK!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

mich: it's fun. wish more eateries would participate n make kk a more food happening place...

jess: oh wow you were there too? make sure you support the establishmts.

runningbrook: i've been eating so much i am sick right now, a slight fever n loss of appetite:(

nate: does kuching hv a food fest too? hey, i've asked you b4, are you not updating your blog or am i getting the wrong page?

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