Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Milan 2012: Day 14, Bellagio

It was early evening when we got to Bellagio. Albergo Hotel couldn't be any more nearer; it was just 5 minutes up the hill from the ferry point. I had booked our room online and chosen it based on its location. I didn't mind that it was old and homey but after 8 pm, the reception office in another house in front was closed and it was eerie to be the only guests in a house.

The hotel reminded me of the old houses behind Spadina--Nassau St, Shannon St--in Toronto. 

The room was cold but there were 5 layers of sheets, blankets and comforters. It really was like staying at grandma's house, including a crocheted blanket. I wouldn't have minded if only the towels were not musty and damp and the hair dryer hopelessly useless.

We headed for the town straightaway and checked out the many shops that were giving a 'sconti'--sale. Bellagio was so lovely it lifted our mood (we were worried about Yi's flight which Eithad hadn't confirmed). The feeling of being away from the big city and in a beautiful strange little town by a lake was great.Cinque Terre was more rustic and villagey while Lake Como/Bellagio was more, well, refined. If you are young and love hiking, Cinque Terre is better than Lake Como but if you are older, love a slow pace, prefer to dine, stroll, shop and have a bit of moolah to throw away, Lake Como and the towns around it are perfect.

This the prettiest store I've seen on the trip. All the glass decors are hand made.



I chose to have apperitivo because I was really tired of a la carte food that offered the same dishes. This apperitivo was only 10 euros, with a wine that made us quite drunk, and the spread was about 3 times what you see in the picture.

The next morning, we were woken by the town's bells right outside our balcony. I didn't mind the bells; it was rather quaint. In Milan too you'd hear church bells ringing all the time. I liked that.

Bellagio's bell tower to the right of our balcony.


Breakfast was bad! The croissant was cold and burnt, the bread dry and hard.

We took a short walk around Bellagio, then took the ferry to Varenna and then went back to Bellagio for lunch.








Up this alley were three restaurants, the first, award-winning Far Out, the second one, Princess, a stylish restaurant in black and white which was expensive looking and the third restaurant, a very Italian-style restaurant. Which one should we have lunch in?

I really wanted to try Princess but Yi didn't want to take any chances and wanted to eat at the third restaurant, Ristorante Pizzaria Antico Pozzo, recommended by the friendly waiter the night before at the apperitivo place. Antico Pozzo had the most diners while the other two restaurants were nearly empty, so it seemed to be a good choice.

This pizza stagioni quattro wasn't crispy enough.

Yi's lake rainbow trout was bland. What a disappointment.


wigs for sale said...
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Michelle Chin said...

Hello! I hope you haven't forgotten me yet. :) I may not be writing but I'm certainly taking lots of pictures and eating well :) Hehe.

Anyway, this place you're staying in looks quaint!

terri@adailyobsession said...

Michelle: of cos not! Where r u now, melbourne or kl?

Naveen said...

Albergo Hotel is too good..My uncle has been there once.

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