Monday, January 28, 2008

Check This Out!

I've located Lyn of Hungry Hamster, the blogger I met in Melbourne. She has a great food blog, do check it out and make friends!


Hungry Hamster said...

Hi Terri! Wow, I'm honored you dedicated a post just for my blog! Thank you :)

I am still practicing my skills on my Nikon D40x, got it a few months ago. It's great to get compliments from someone who take beautiful photos too! I still have a lot to learn! Maybe you can give me some tips :)

About the Chinese restaurant called Somboon, is it this one?

I blogged about it before. I love their curry crab! However, their standards for other dishes has fallen tremendously due to their popularity.

I just saw your other post with my photo. Thank you for ur compliment :) Hope Yi didn't mind some random girl popping up at her graduation, haha.

My real name is Lyn :)

Anonymous said...

hi lyn! oh no, i'm not good with the camera n my girl's grad pics didn't turn out well. i'd love to give u tips if only i am qualified. my fav pics are those taken by keiko of nordjlus - she makes everything looks perfect and dreamy. absolute genious of an artist, not just a terrific photographer. there's also kuidore, rasa malaysia, stonesoup, mandy, ah, so many!
is tt Somboon in Pathumwan bc i think tt's the one. there is another Somboon on the same row of shops.
oh no, Yi didn't mind at all :0 So happy to have met u!

Anonymous said...

Hi terri, i'm a new reader here. do enjoy reading your blog alot especially bout the food. but honestly speaking, you're givin me a hard time as all recipes attached looked so good to me that i wanted to try them all out. but mom doesnt fancy me buyin loads of ingredients where the recipe only requires some. =P she nagged me the other day for wanting to try out your best molten choc. cake.. haha~ though i ended up not baking as there isnt dark choc at the store.

anyway, thanks again because i've learn loads here, life or food wise... but sometimes the baking things are still a blur to me.

Precious Pea said... fan!!

Anonymous said...

anony: hi! i love it when ppl 'approach' me. do leave ur name so i know which anony u r :) N oh, u must try the molten choc cake, u MUST!if u live in KK, u can get the choc at Pelangi cake ingredients shop, or maybe Consfood. do ask me if u need any clarificatn on the ingredients :D

PreciousP: ...i'm ur fan!

Anonymous said...

thanks terri. pelangi is somewhere at foh sang right?! btw, my name's sue..

Thankgod4mothers said...

Hi Terri,

What a blog! I love it when everything is tried and filtered out for me (that includes every area in life!! - I'm just too lazy). I have always been awed, yet overwhelmingly overwhelmed with the recipes available in the internet and never really got into it as there is just too much - how, which, when. It's a crazy maze out there. And now you have shown a way out of the maze! I love it that you take potential recipes and try them out and then make them your own. And I just LOVE it that you give hints/cautionery remarks here and there so we don't make too many unforeseen blunders through a recipe. I like your travel tales and giving tips all the way from food to restaurants to taking photoes to graduation tips! Well-written, interesting and very well summarised. I don't have much time to be on the computer although I am so tempted to blog like you and all the fantastic guys out there. I feel it takes just too much of my time. But whenever I have some time, I really LOVE to view your blog and gain so much from it. Thanks for spreading love around, Terri, and keep it up! A few questions for you : What's the best brand of lite soya sauce? Somehow I do not like Kikoman lite soya. I like Braggs amino but it is too expensive. Do you have a good traditional KAYA (coconut, egg bread spread) recipe? Seems a lost art in making REAL Kaya. Those you see nowadays are so terrible and commercial - I would call them "coloured glue"!! What about good solid basic steam fish recipe? My sis-in-law told me to drain water from fish after steaming (when I complained to her about my fish burried in Tsunami everytime I steam it) and then add sauce. Anyway, if you can, I would really like one that really tastes good and really works. The molten choc cake I made didn't have the larva oozing out - in fact, larva was all dried up or rather, became part of the cake. My result was just a very rich chocalate cake! Why, do you think? Overcooked? Overmixed? What about a good roast beef? I find beef the most difficult to roast. And what about some good mashed potatoes? Somehow I can never get it right. I like mashed potatoes smooth, slightly stringy and thick. When I mash with masher, it is powerdery rather than smooth. When I use a blender, it gets too stringy/guey and not thick. Wow! got you enough questions/ideas for you to blog for a month! (Got some more questions for you but I will give you a break and space it out or you might block me from your blog forever!) Sorry to dorminate! Ha! Ha! God bless! Veronica

Anonymous said...

sue: hi!yes, pelangi is at d single row of shoplots in Tmn Winner,Foh Sang, which is after the ghost house, or behind the gas station (not sure if its petronas) in front of Mt Zion!!based on my directions, u won't find it if u r not a KKite!

TK4M: hi, do i know u? r u Veron frm Dandenong?but hey, thanks for ur lovely comments. I do urge u to set up ur own blog. it does take quite a bit of time but it's really fun! Hmm. i've never tried making gaya bc I find the gaya frm Fook Yuen in Damai is very good but I agree with u about the crappy gaya sold everywhere. sad thing is, most ppl eat it indiscrimately albeit the algae color too.i'll post a gaya recipe if i do test a good one, ok? i do use kikkoman..Braggs is organic soya, right.i steam my fish HK style n yes, i do throw the water out! i'll take a note of ur other q n do some posts on them. thanks for giving me ideas; keep them coming! about the molten cakes, i'm so sorry to hear tt! can u try again, this time adjust the baking time according to ur ramekins. if u use a 3"/7.5 cm ramekin, bake for not more than 10 min @ 200 C or 180 C if ur oven is the very hot type. tell me the results!


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