Monday, January 28, 2008

Supertanker Restaurant

update 10/9/2010: i just had dinner at supertanker and it was the worst meal in recent memory. Looking at these photos, I think Supertanker's presentation and the food quality have dropped even more.

Whatever happened to Supertanker Restaurant?? This is a restaurant that everybody goes to for weddings, birthdays, babies' full-month, retirement, whatever occasion. It's been around for at least 25 years and I think most visitors to KK have eaten there. It is popular because the food is okay,the portions are generous and prices reasonable. I personally am not very hot about it because everytime there's a dinner out, it will be at Supertanker. I liked their almond de-boned chicken with prawn mince but through the years they've done away with the almonds so I'm upset with them. Their steamed cod, mitzi ribs and Sabah veg used to be good too.

After not eating there in 6 months, I was back last week and I must report that all's not well at Supertanker. The food was so bad. Every dish tasted different, bland and without 'wok hei' (heat of the wok, essential for giving quick stir-fries that flavor). I wouldn't go back even at gunpoint.

Crispy skin chicken.

It was okay. None of the restaurants in KK does this dish well anymore.

Fried Sabah veggies.
They used to cook this very well but now either the cook's changed (and I heard that night that that's the case) or he's getting too old to cook (that too). The veg tasted like that in King Hu Restaurant, no wok hei at all, making the veg taste like it was fried and then boiled.

Stewed pork leg with mini mantao (buns).
I didn't even try this because it didn't taste good before and I guessed that chances were it would taste worse now. I was told I was right.

House tofu with broccoli and fresh shiitake mushrooms.
Bland, bland, bland.

Crispy de-boned chicken.

We had two chicken dishes because Wey liked this. He still ate a lot of it but I could taste that it's not like before. Not in pic: claypot tofu with seafood and fish maw soup, the latter tasting like glue and was only edible with lots of black vinegar.

Yi will be happy to read this. No more Supertanker meals when she comes home. But there's still King Hu Restaurant, another of her top-feared restaurants.


ekeng said...

eeehhhh...must ask my parent avoid this it last time..but now...

Kai ma..if u have time, please visit Garden Seafood near Tanjung Aru k..cos it's improved already..Thanks !!!

Denise ^ ChickyEGG said...

Mrs. Hong , Good Morning to U =p
hey, my mum bought the flowers from "PICK & PAY " ( u know where rite) & the rest from Gaya Streets! She reached Gaya St at 5:30 AM ! and she said FULL of ppl hunting for flowers, crazy !
and been the past 2 weeks she went to Gaya St at 5:30 =p
u can try this Week ! = p

Precious Pea said...

PJ also got one Supertanker restaurant, wonder if the same management.

Shan said...

Oh no am so sad to hear this. Supertanker was quite an institution back in the day.

I went to that Garden restaurant behind the Cottage pub.

I wasn't feeling very well (flu, fever) and my friend recommended the chicken soup that came in a porcelain pot.
It was absolutely what I needed. Tender chicken pieces and pork boiled for hours with some wintermelon and a few chinese herbs (I'm not sure but the "cooling" kind is it? - one of them looks like a red date?). I had 8 bowls of the soup alone and felt a ton better afterwards

Terri have you tried Charming restaurant along Jalan Bundusan? The one that used to be near hilltop before? Can you do a review on that place? I trust your taste and judgement.

Anonymous said...

ekeng: kaijai, garden seafood? is tt equatorial?

denise: "Mrs Hong" :)about time u warm up. u can call me Terri despite the huge age gap u know.hey, your mom bought all the flowers; i must drive around Austral n search for the hse with the most flowers.

preciousp: I don't think so, never heard of their connectn with any KL rest. Hey, i can't bear to look at ur latest post..really freaks me out!!!next time give warning pls! "snakes on my blog"

shan: hey i was at Garden behind Cottage last week too. they took so long to serve us cos they somehow mixed up the order. food's good but quite pricey comparatively. 8 bowls? gosh, u and my hub and older boy would drink my soup tureen dry - they love soup too. r u better? i must check that rest. out :0 thanks for telling me *rubs hands*


ekeng said...

kai ma...not's located nearby traffic light. The place selling live seafood..Chinese name is 海龍城

Anonymous said...

are your tastebuds as dumb as you are?

your comments on it are way too harsh. it far surpasses the impression your giving others.

supertanker is a great restaurant. far better than your usual run of the mill places your used to go to.

great food isnt for those who dont know great food when they eat such things.

get some sense and try it again. =)..

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

anony: it doesn't take a lot of IQ to tell whether a dish sucks but it sure tells a lot about a person when he/she gets defensive about a restaurant to the point of calling people dumb, or has a lack of 'sense' and hiding behind anonymity.

I stand by my evaluation of Supertanker and, may I also tell you that lousy food is for those who can't tell it is lousy. I guess you are one of those who can't tell the difference between mediocre and good, but hey, that's okay too. not everybody has discerning tastebuds :DD

Anonymous said...

Dear Terri,
It's a shame that there are some readers out there who don't appreciate honest opinions, and lash out rude comments just because their opinions differ.

Dear anonymous,

Are you kidding me? Supertanker, a great restaurant? Goes to show what fantastic taste you have when it comes to food.

I wouldn't call a restaurant 'great' if the whole place always smells of insecticide. Sickening smell and bad for health.

Honestly, I think the food's average. But Terri's right, it's gotten worse over the years. You told Terri to 'get some sense and try again'? Try what? Tofu that reminds me of feet, extremely bland & dry chicken, and radio-active looking dessert? NOWAY! KK has other great restaurants to offer and I don't think she should waste her time in S.T.

Oh, and by the way, I think I need to prep you on Spelling&Punctuations 101. 'You're' is an abbreviation of 'you are', whilst 'your' refers to something that belongs to you.

Yours sincerely,
Terri's avid reader

Shan said...

Hi nasty "anon" you sound unnecessarily bitchy.

Why the defensiveness? If it wasn't for people like Terri we wouldn't know if places were still good to eat at. What is wrong with someone giving an honest opinion of what they like and don't like?

And what is up with the smiley face at the end of your comment? Do you think it is acceptable to insult someone and then smile about it like there's no hard feelings?

I say, put your money where your mouth is. Stop hiding under an "ANON". Since you sound like you know so much about food give us an opportunity to judge your opinions too.

That sounds fair to me. You good with that, Troll?

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

avid reader: thanks for ur coming to my rescue...

shan:i know who to call if i ever need a defender! thanks for helping me here, but no need to be so fierce lah!

Shan said...

True also lah. It is only about food after all. Heh. Grrr!

less than three said...

I used to love the steamed cod fish at supertanker. Does anybody have a clue how to cook steamed cod ala supertanker?

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