Friday, November 13, 2009

Leftovers for Dinner


Sorry, no new recipes. Last night we had leftovers from Tuesday's roasted lamb dinner (a small dinner for my Form 6 ex-classmates; we had a great time & again it's funny how despite not seeing each other often, we never seem to change and are so comfortable with each other), sang to a Queens VCD Ming had bought for us ("It's music from your era") and watched a whacky but entertaining movie called The Hangover (Hub as usual fell asleep). The air was cool (as it always is at night this time of the year), the coffee was good and life felt great. Thank you God.

I always preferred lamb from New Zealand but this Australian lamb (using rosemary from the plant Ming smuggled in in July) was just as good, very tender and tasty. As usual, I did too many things at one time and didn't get the lamb into the oven until 5:15 pm so I roasted it at 220 C for 40 min, then at 200 C all the way through and 2 hours 40 min later, it was done to perfection. Ok, maybe it could've been a little bit less done but the bottle of red (can't remember what) from Barossa that Y bought on her recent trip was great and did the lamb justice. The corn is from my garden, the salad (still fresh after 2 days) made by Y and the leftover mushroom cottage pie was good with a bit of ground beef in it.


tracieMoo said...

the CORN is from your GARDEN?
How nice if I had some land to plant some of my own :(

Anyway, the "leftovers" seems like a great luxurious dinner to me.. hehe..

EADotCom said...

Your leftovers look better than most regular meals!

Shan said...

Terri you make leftovers look like a full-fledged gourmet meal :D

Shan said...
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terri@adailyobsession said...

tracie: yes, we harvested more than 70 ears of corn last friday!

eat: well, it was leftovers frm a good meal:)

shan: thnx :DD

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